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Virtual Lessons Apply to Offline Designs

By civile - Posted on 26 February 2011

Virtual Architecture 101Jon Brouchoud, aka Keystone Bouchard in Second Life, is an accomplished designer of virtual environments. Fortunately for others working in this medium, he recently built a space in Second Life showcasing fundamental design concepts called Virtual Architecture 101. The site itself also serves an example of a creative, well thought out use of space incorporating elements from the design field. 

But the lessons offered in the Virtual Architecture 101 area are relevant for designers regardless of whether they create digital buildings or brick and mortar structures.  Jon starts out the instruction with representations of fundamental design elements such as points, lines, color, texture, etc. Each display has a short explanation of the element with a related 3D example. The next areas describe the design process and design strategy. Throughout the space, Jon offers examples of design concepts and ideas.

Some who have not yet set foot in a digital space, might wonder why not study this information through a more traditional method. But the ability to actually walk into a space and feel and see the concept presented helps to make the learning more interactive and memorable. You can tell someone that elevating a floor impacts a feeling of space and increases prominence of an area, but you won't actually feel it unless you can actually walk onto a platform. This is what the virtual space offers - the ability to offer that experience during the learning process.

If you want to visit the Virtual Architecture 101 space and already are a member of Second Life, you can access it at this SLURL:

If you have not yet been in Second Life, but think you might want to try so you can check out Jon's space, you'll have to download the Second Life software here: then register here: Once you are registered and have the software installed, you can start up the software and input the name and password you used for registering. After doing so, you will soon find yourself in an orientation area. After going through orientation, you can visit Jon's area by clicking here: This offers you a prompt in the software that you must click to take your digital persona to the space.

And for those just not willing to yet venture into a virtual world, you can watch a short video by Jon introducing the site:

And thanks to Jon for continuing to inspire and share his knowledge and experience.



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