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The Frontier Project - A Showcase of Sustainability

The Frontier Project in Second LifeThe Frontier Project (, a demonstration project showcasing sustainability, held a grand opening at its Rancho Cucamonga facility last November. In April of this year, the facility once again hosted a grand opening. However, this time, the event was held at their virtual facility in Second Life―a 3D replica of the actual building and site. According to the project website, both builds have been created to show “how sustainable design is economical, efficient, and inviting.” The project goal is to “educate resident consumers, commercial builders, and sustainable advocates regarding the latest methods and technologies in water, energy, and site conservation.”

The main focus of the project is a uniquely designed, 14,000 square foot building with a LEED Platinum rating. Its glass, exterior walls wrap around a landscaped entrance to create the feeling of an interior courtyard. As visitors enter, they are welcomed into a demonstration gallery. The virtual gallery has a control panel allowing users to either set up chairs for a presentation or set up a display of artwork. A kitchen, living room, bathrooms, offices and conference rooms showcase different technologies designed to promote sustainability.


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