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Exploring Tameside in Second Life

Tameside in Second Life


The Tameside is a borough lying seven miles east of Manchester in the northwest region of England. The region is home to just under 215,000 people living within its 40 square miles.

Poll Worker Training in Second Life

Poll Worker Training in Second LifeIn March 2010, the University of Central Florida conducted poll worker training in the virtual world of

Virtual Voting - Alameda County, Calif.


Alameda County in Second Life

The Alameda County island in Second Life was created for the purpose of demonstrating voting procedures. The county’s virtual polling site, developed by Avatrian, opened in May 2009. Visitors arriving at the island are greeted with a digital representation of the Renee C. Davidson Courthouse located in Oakland, Calif. Signs are used throughout the build to direct users to the polling place. Much of the time, avatars can be found “working” in the polling site ready to guide people through the voting process. The build was also used to create a video explaining how the site works.



Colleges in Second Life - Ashworth College

This is the first of a series of short posts highlighting colleges in Second Life. Each college or university featured in Grid Works will be an institution of higher learning teaching some level of engineering-related curriculum in the "real world." The first college for today's post is Ashworth College located in Norcross, Ga. This school offers online or correspondence courses in many fields including the following:


Astronomy 2009 in Second Life

Astronomy 2009 Celebration in Second LifeIf you’ve been sleeping all day in order to star gaze all night, you might have missed the fact that this year has been designated the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IVA 2009) by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO.

Virtual Loadcells - Using Virtual Worlds to Showcase Product Lines

Novatech Measurements Second Life SiteInnovative companies are beginning to realize that virtual worlds like Second Life offer the opportunity to create 3-D representations of their products at a minimal cost. These digital models can then be used to demonstrate ideas and concepts and showcase capabilities and appearance of products to existing and future customers.

IEEE - Serving Members in the Metaverse

IEEE Island in Second LifeProfessional societies have been building communities long before Web 2.0 emerged on the scene, and incorporating new technologies like virtual worlds is only one more tool to help these groups better serve their membership.

Virtual Job Fairs

Working Worlds Job FairWhile virtual job hunting in 3-D worlds may be considered an emerging trend, virtual job fairs hosted on Web sites are happening on a regular basis. Recently Building, a U.K.-based publication, sponsored Building Virtual Careers 2008—a two-day event held completely through a Web site.


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