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Internal Revenue Service in Second Life

By civile - Posted on 11 July 2010

 Internal Revenue Service in Second LifeThe IRS Careers Island in Second Life offers the following attractions located on a platform in the sky:






  • Career Center in the northwest corner of the sim offering information about how to register and apply for a job
  • Seasonal Job Center
  • Conference Center
  • Tax Forms Center with links to many forms and publications
  • Tax Information Center with links about where and how to file, FAQs, and other tax-related facts
  • Club Possibilities—this area hosts a space for dancing; trivia competitions are held on Tuesday nights
  • Veteran’s Memorial
  • Drive-In Theater with cars
  • Photo Spot
  • A race track lies below the main platform. Visitors can pick up a car and drive it around
  • Sandbox for practicing building
  • Freebie zone
  • Playground

There is also an IRS Careers Group and gifts are located throughout the sim for group members.


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