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Energy Island in Second Life

By civile - Posted on 11 July 2010

Energy Island in Second LifeEarlier this spring, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) opened up Energy—a virtual site in Second Life located just east of the Meteora sim—another government-owned island managed by NOAA. Visitors to the Energy sim start at the DOE Career Center, a large building perched on a hill in the center of the island. Energy Ant, a digital bot located at the front desk of the center, is available to greet anyone interested in chatting. Books and displays throughout the center offer information about working for the DOE. A treasure hunt is available on the center’s patio on the ground floor.

On the second floor of the center, there is meeting space and a boarding area for the island’s monorail. The monorail ride provides narration about the island and points out energy-related displays positioned along the track. These exhibits showcase tidal generators, a geothermal power plant, heliostat array, and wind turbines.

People interested in touring the particle accelerator, a large structure that encircles the island, can enter from the second floor of the career center. Here, avatars can rez a cart on which to ride through the accelerator and learn more about its purpose and operation.


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