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Baden-Wuerttemberg in Second Life

By civile - Posted on 27 June 2010

Baden-WuerttembergAccording to the website for the MFG Baden Wuerttemberg, the agency launched a virtual build in March 2007 in Second Life. The agency, known as the Public Innovation Agency for Information Technology and Media in Baden Wuerttemberg, eventually expanded their efforts to include another sim. "Our aim is to give young, creative brains from Baden-Wuerttemberg a chance to test new forms of communication and cooperation on the 3D Internet at an early stage in partnership with us", explains Klaus Haasis, managing director of MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg sim hosts a main building offering meeting space and information about MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg. Outside the building is a scale model of Heidelberg Castle.

The Innovation Park area of the island hosts the following projects:

· University of Stuttgart visualization and interactive systems group (VIS): “presents implementations of current work in the field of scientific visualization, human-machine communication and e-learning.”

· Hochschule Esslingen University of Applied Sciences: highlights programs offered by the university

· Freiburg University: “In our SL-representation, we offer information for students to elective Information Systems / Telematics and run a virtual experimental laboratory.” Several interactive exhibits are scattered throughout their build.

· The Guardian team from Pforzheim University: Here the team offers a G bracelet to promote awareness of global warming. “The revenues generated will be donated 100% of a research project of the company SolarWorld. This comes in the form of solar cells to a village in Africa.”

· University of Konstanz: “Our goals are to create a virtual information environment for the department of Information Engineering, the critical approach to Second Life with students in teaching and the education of students on and dealing with the medium of Second Life (eg, interaction designer).”

Other projects can be found on the Baden-Wuerttemberg 2 island. One such project is the Stuttgart Tea house housing information about the NETFORMIC GmbHan Internet-Agentur in Stuttgart.

Many other projects set up by universities and companies can be found throughout the island.



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