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Ontario Public Service Careers

By civile - Posted on 27 June 2010

Ontario Public Service in Second Life

 In 2008, Ontario Public Service launched OPS Careers, an island in Second Life (SL), to introduce their workplace and available job openings to potential job candidates. Those teleporting to the island arrive in the OPS Welcome Center—an area with displays about various positions available throughout the organization.

Visitors wanting more in-depth knowledge can travel around the island to regions set up with job-specific displays. Health sector jobs are represented with a building housing rooms for interviewing and a room illustrating the CPR method.

A fire-fighting display is set up outside between the health building and the welcome center, and a traffic media building is located in the southwest corner of the sim. Visitors to the traffic building can watch a simulation of video screens monitoring traffic conditions throughout Ontario.

The center of the island hosts an IT building with interactive exhibits and a public policy structure. The water testing lab, located in the northeast corner of the island, has an activity that can be completed to give those interested a better idea of the type of work involved in this sector. Avatars wear a “Water Sample HUD” that attaches a water bottle to their hand. Then the visitor must leave the lab, collect a sample in a nearby body of water, and then bring the sample back to the lab and test the sample by clicking on the water testing machine. Results of the sample are then reported.

Finally, back in the welcome center, visitors can access kiosks for specific job information in 18 categories, pick up some free gifts, and watch job-related videos.

In late 2008, OPS launched Digital Ontario Island (DOI) to demonstrate the Ministry’s research related to broadband services. The build offers six areas to demonstrate how communities, businesses, and governments are using broadband.

Moderne Interactive ( ) was the developer of both islands.



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