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 Grid Works: Spring 2010 Issue - PDF format

  • Why Government Needs to Leverage Virtual Worlds
  •  Local & State Governments in Virtual Worlds 
  • Federal & National  Governments in Virtual Worlds
  • Virtual Training Modules
  • eGov

Grid Works: Jan/Feb/Mar 2009 Issue - PDF format

  • The Path to Becoming Ubiquitous?
  • Building Energy Awareness - Green Energy Island
  • IEEE - Serving Members in the Metaverse
  • Virtual Loadcells - Novatech Measurements
  • Moving into the Neighborhood
  • Avariel Falcon—Resident Profile
  • Astronomy 2009

Grid Works: May/June/July 2008 Issue - PDF format

  • Editorial: Science in the Sewer
  • Studio Wikitecture
  • The Built Environment
  • The Virtual Job Hunt
  • TedTalks Reporting
  • Problems Online 

Grid Works: March/April 2008 Issue - PDF format

  • Walking Into the Map
  • TEEX Bridge Tour
  • FLSmidth's Virtual Cement Plant
  • Monitoring the Real World
  • Website Reviews: Turbosquid & Pavement Interactive

Grid Works (SLEngineer): January/February 2008 Issue - PDF format

  • Congressman Appears in Second Life
  • Carbon Emission House
  • 3-D Modeling Companies in a 3-D World: Siemens, Solid Works, Autodesk
  • Product Review: Texture Organizers

Grid Works (SLEngineer): November/December 2007 Issue - PDF format

  • Virtual Trade Shows for Engineers
  • Enel Reaches out to the World Through Second Life
  • A Travel Guide for Virtual Bruges
  • Sculpties in SL
  • Grundfos Focuses on Sustainability
  • The Abyss is Back

Grid Works (SLEngineer): September/October 2007 Issue - PDF format

  • Civil Engineering Training by Gateway
  • Modeling Sustainability in Second Life
  • The Real World in Second Life
  • The Story of a Build
  • GIS Resources in SL

Grid Works (SLEngineer): Summer 2007 Issue - PDF format

  • Augmented Reality Meets Second Life
  • Hello Garbage - Real Solid Waste Collection Handled Virtually
  • Center for Water Studies
  • Colleges Across the Grid - Getting SLEducated

Grid Works (SLEngineer): March/April 2007 Issue - PDF format

  • A New Breed of Engineers
  • A Primer for Prims and Particles
  • The International Spaceflight Museum
  • Treating Water in the Metaverse
  • International Technology Exposition Coverage



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