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By civile - Posted on 19 June 2010

 Planning Portal in Second LifeThe Planning Portal is an online planning and building resource established by the UK government. The organization’s simplistic home page barely hints at the underlying goldmine of information related to building in the UK. Residents, builders, and government personnel can access the site to find out everything they need to know about planning a build, filing a building application, and learning building regulations.

 The site is further enhanced with a set of  “useful tools” such as a site location plan creator, visual guides, volume calculators, and fee calculators. The visual guides offer interactive sites where visitors, using a Flash plug-in, can find out specific planning information and regulations just by clicking on a specific building component such as windows. 

 The Planning Portal has also created a site in the virtual world of Second Life. The Second Life build consists of a typical UK residence with info disks located throughout the home. Visitors can click each disk to get more information about a specific building component. 


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