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Prince Edward County

By civile - Posted on 19 June 2010

Prince Edward County in Second LifeThe Prince Edward County sim is located on the grid just south of the Loyalist College island.  The site was designed to highlight recreational activities and attractions from the county such as a crystal palace, art trail, sandbanks, taste trail, wine trail, and graveyard.

The sim was built by The Virtual World Design Centre at Loyalist College (VWDC). According to the group’s website at, they are “a full-service metaverse design and development agency that creates immersive world environments and experiences for business, education, and government.”

The stones in the virtual cemetery activate an audio clip when an avatar moves close to a monument. Each narration appears to share historical lore from the Prince Edward County region.

Visitors can wander along the virtual wine trail to learn to more about the county’s wineries. Avatars can also pick up free wine skins and try out barrel rolling


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