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Exploring Tameside in Second Life

By civile - Posted on 19 June 2010

Tameside in Second Life


The Tameside is a borough lying seven miles east of Manchester in the northwest region of England. The region is home to just under 215,000 people living within its 40 square miles.

In mid-2008 Tameside hired Second Places to build a virtual site for the borough in Second Life. The resulting sim showcases several features of the agency. Visitors to the island arrive just outside a central pavilion. Inside this circular, open-air structure, the borough offers links to the following information:

         · The region’s Community Strategy document 

         · A video providing information about the area

         · Posters highlighting government and community programs, services, and projects.

From this central hub, visitors can tour virtual council offices, a garden area, a demonstration of street services, a water-related museum and a stadium for events.

An aquifer museum offers information about a community’s water supply and system. Here a visitor can view a water wheel exhibit and a lecture chamber. In the northern end of the sim, a representation of Tameside offices are located within a white two-story government building.

Those strolling the street in the services area will find signs, drains, garbage cans, and other items typically located along a typical residential street. Each item is linked to the Tameside Streetscene System website. Here residents can report issues that need to be addressed in their neighborhoods.

 Note: This sim was removed from the grid in April 2010 and is no longer available.




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